We are a local charity that support families and individuals with disabilities as well as those who are lonely and isolated. Our impact is based on how we positively affect the lives of these people within our community. As a charity our ethos is to make the lives of people better and to promote inclusion for everyone and it's through our staff, volunteers and funders that this is possible. Without these three influencing factors we would not be able to offer help to our beneficiaries (families, individuals and organisations who use our service).

As you use our website you will notice a set of figures at the bottom of each page. These figures show the quantitative impact we have made for people in our community over the year. Our case management software generates these figures based on the support we provide our beneficiaries.  Though these figures show at a glance what we achieve on a monthly basis, it does not express our qualitative impact. It is through the use of stories, videos and photos as well as blogs and articles that we communicate in more depth the impact we impart on an individual basis.



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