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Added Date: 26th May 2017
Ellas Blog

Talking about the future and education

Hello everyone, its Ella here again back with another blog. In this blog, I’m going to be talking about my future. So let’s get started.

In the past, I have thought I wanted to go to University because I went visiting the different universities with college. I wanted to study being a teaching assistant. So, first I went to visit Edge Hill University. I took part in Lectures and lessons all about the university. I then took a tour of the University to have a look at all the different blocks and the different areas of the university. I then started to fill in the UCAS application form in the same week. I then started to look into courses at Edge Hill University around working with people, who have disabilities. I then continued to fill in the UXAS application over the summer. However, in September 2016, I decided to change my mind and go down another route.

I decided to consider going to the Launchpad Centre in Leigh Sports Village because I know that they teach life skills at the centre, which is something that I feel I need. I started looking into it more and more. I started looking into the buses that I would need to catch in order to get to the centre safely. I then started to think what I wanted to do for a placement because I was going to be in 4 days a week then on placement for 1 day a week, but at this point, I still wanted to go into being a teaching assistant, so it meant I had to find somewhere to allow me to do a placement. I also decided to start doing some volunteering, which is when I started to volunteer for Adventure Service Challenge to get a little bit of experience. I loved it and I am going back in the summer, when I have finished college, however, that changed things again for me.

I then started to go to the Young People’s Participation Group for Wigan and started to go into the office at Embrace to type up and help out with the Young People’s Participation Group. I love it, which has made me think about working in an office that has people with disabilities as their service users. Then came my review, were I was offered a supported internship at my college, rather than going to Launchpad, which I decided to take. Whilst college was looking for me to go for a placement, I continued going to embrace on Wednesdays. Then they offered me the placement I need for my supported internship.
I then attended the final review, which was to get everything started and ready for next year, I will also start going back into college one day every 3 weeks to study employability skills.

I am currently still going into the office on a Wednesday and I start Monday to Friday, a part from one day every 3 weeks to go to college. I am feeling really excited to start in August.
Thanks for reading; I hoped you enjoyed reading it.

See you next time.






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