The disabled and jobless need help, not harassment

Added Date: 22nd September 2015
The disabled and jobless need help, not harassment

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What would it take for the government to realise that being disabled isn’t some cunning ploy to con the welfare system? Rather, it is a fact of a person’s life that affects everything, not least their ability to work.

Despite the government’s boast that the Work Programme is helping many long-term unemployed into work (and even there one might question what kind of work), charities say that the scheme continues to let down physically and mentally disabled people, not finding them employment and failing to understand their particular difficulties in embarking on job hunting and navigating the workplace. Does this surprise anyone? It seems clear to me that the system is stacked against disabled people.

Some might point out that such back-to-work schemes are supposed to be voluntary for disabled people. However, increasingly, it would appear that there is good voluntary and bad voluntary. The bad type of voluntary being the kind that can be forced upon people if their disabled status is queried or refuted (the system is awash with cases of people claiming they’ve been wrongly and unfairly assessed).

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