Independent Support Booklet

Added Date: 6th March 2015
Independent Support Booklet

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Would you like to know more about Independent Support in Wigan?
There is a new Independent Support Booklet available which covers:
An overview of the Children and Families Act 2014
What is Independent Support?
What is the role of an Independent Supporter?
What is Embrace’s Independent Support Vision?
How to Access an Independent Supporter at Embrace
Useful links and Resources
In summer 2014 the Government released funding to Parent
Partnership Service/SENDIAS and also invited tenders from
voluntary sector to provide an Independent Support Service.
Embrace Wigan and Leigh were successful in their bid and work
collaboratively with Wigan SENDIAS to provide Independent
Support over the 16 month period (sept 2014 - April 2016).
Independent Support is a free, 16 month (September 2014-
April 2016) government funded programme which has been
designed to provide additional support to young people and
their families during the implementation of the SEND reform.
Independent Supporters will be recruited by all local
authorities in partnership with a specifically commissioned
service or organisation to provide support to young people and
their families throughout the Education.

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